silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Writing hard.

Omg, WANT. Why am I not rich??

On the other hand, there's no mention of the septic setup, and the bales appear to be side-stacked, which is maybe not as good for R value as if they're stacked flat. The bathroom is small, and those free-standing solar arrays make me a bit nervous, too. Carson is pretty far out.

Okay. I'll just stick with this one after all. Mmm -- yeah, the Coyote Moon one, definitely. Gorgeous.

What? I still miss Taos. I don't think that'll ever stop. That reminds me... ha. Yes. Had a 3manbus Taos thing going on for a little bit there. Not appropriate for the Swap, but maybe I'll come back to that after this madness is through.
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