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All right! Wiggy couple of days. The full moon turned everything into crazyfest at work, and my mom's birthday was Wed., but I brought some disgusting rainbow-colored Knox gelatin squares to my sister's and had excellent Chili-mac and family ♥, and we sniffled some and laughed and Maya and Jane played pimple at each other with bulging cheeks full of chewed up jello while John and I tried to stay out of the way. So that was okay. Good, actually.

Reiki II was wonderful. Great energy received and sent, and one of the healing symbols I learned is called Hon Sha Za Sho Nen, which is pronounced "hon chasez show nen," so my teacher and I agreed to send the reiki energy to Josh at my request. It was absurd and delightful and made me smile, the Reiki Master and me sitting there in her cozy studio meditating about JC, and I hope he had a super lovely day as a result. I did. And then I had pizza with the family and came home and pretty much went straight to bed and slept for ten hours. When I woke up, the sun was shining in my room.

And then I said, "FUCK," and scrambled for my phone, because it's supposed to be dark out when I leave my house in the morning for work. :P

JuC Swap stories are up! Yay! Thank you, Beth and Diggy. You were especially pleasant and understanding about my never-ending challenge-related wiggery this year, and I appreciate it.

I received a lucky master of the universe, a fun, well-written look at JC and Justin coming to terms with themselves and their relationship, with a delicious hint of melancholy that I found really intriguing. Thank you, Juli!

I wrote The Spirit Catches You, and um. Yes. It's a story about that moment of shock when you realize the world has changed. And I... don't know what else to say about that, actually.

Today, all the Manbands I've been saving up. I've watched the first one... Chris is really kind of annoying, no? I think he and I would hate each other, and brawl like children. Whew. As for the NATIVE AMERICAN CEREMONY, well. The Seminole tribe of Florida just recently bought the Hard Rock for like a shmillion dollars. Did you know that? I did not know that. Hmm.

(Totally lying about that hate thing, of course. Damn.)
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