silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh, JC.

Somebody pass me my smelling salts, please. Has that man no shame? ♥

I had things to say, but then I spent an hour reading Time's The Fifty Worst Cars of All Time. Hilarious! I would have killed for a Corvair for a while there, despite the dual carbs (what did I know), and most everybody I knew in the 70's had a Ford Pinto. I can't remember, but I don't think any of them blew up.

Is it true that we want cars that look like us? I like the really freaked out bug-looking sports cars. Now I'm worried.

All right, off to work. I'm going in a bit late today because I'm on "NP" time, which is to say they don't need me for patient care but are willing to pay me anyhow. Crazy bastards! So I'll go in and do the radiation safety module, which I wonder why it struck them as necessary that we learn about the effects of nuclear fallout on the BMT population right now, I really do, and then I'll write a letter to Carnival Cruiselines, because they don't want to refund my patient's cruise tickets even though she just found out she has leukemia in her central nervous system and has to get chemo and will probably die anyway and can't, you know, make her launch date this Thursday. I mean. Come on, people.
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