silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Right, I can't afford the GPS because I'm very very poor, but somehow suddenly the Frye boots are completely doable. What the hell, I never know where I am anyway. And my god, look at those boots. Plus, free shipping. *throws hands out to heaven* I mean.

Ahh, week off. Yesterday I did nothing. Today, nothing, although I did manage to get asked out by the dishwasher repair guy, who was hot, and even recognized the asking out as such. \o/ (Not that I'll go. But I could, see.)

Tonight, yoga with my sister, which should be fun, as long as those damn mosquitos leave me alone. So difficult getting your inner relaxation on when you're smacking yourself on the ear every two seconds. Anyway, fun class, fun instructor, much like a gym teacher, all militaristic, AND NOW YOU WILL RELAX. BREATHE. BREATHE. YOUR BONES ARE MELTING. FEEL THEM. BREATHE. Hee! And of course, watching my sister topple over repeatedly. Which I didn't do. Not even once. No.

Tomorrow, an interview with the leader of a local paranormal group, the least woo-woo one I could locate. I don't ask much, just a website that doesn't make my eyes bleed and none of that communing with the energies crap. Which, ha. I guess is pretty ironic considering I go to chakra classes every month, during which we commune with the en meditate and chant and stuff, but that's very very different. It is, shut up. You know what I mean, so don't even.

And then Friday, the Manband marathon. I'm so afraid. I love Chris, you see, bow-legged gnome that he is, and I don't wish to see him hurt. Even when the hurting is ages ago, late as I am for watching, and oh that makes it even worse. That and the fact that the marathon comes on at like 11 am, and I'm way too old and tore down to get drunk that early.

Oh, turps33's post is totally reminding me of the time I sat down and figured out who in fandom reminded me of which guy, ha ha, and I would go there but that way lies madness.
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