silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Last night after yoga (YOUR ANGER AND FEAR ARE DRIFTING AWAY FROM YOU IN CONCENTRIC RINGS. HUP! HUP! HUP!) I sat down with a pencil and a fresh ungnawed eraser and a piece of lined notebook paper, which I entitled ~*~ Budget :( ~*~

Ugh, now that all the dust has cleared from moving and buying the condo and starting the new job, and now that I'm no longer willfully ignoring all the negative omens (dripping blood .gifs on online credit card statements, etc.), I must woefully acknowledge that I'm really only clearing about $6 per pay period. That doesn't go far! Not even two iced coffees from McDonalds! Much less enough for gas for the SUV hog, or thistle for the winged backyard hogs, or urinary formula nuggies for the fuzzy everywhere-they-shouldn't-be hogs, or ramen noodles for, uh. Me. And that can't be.

So I forced myself to figure out what fat to trim. And admitted to myself that while the internets are vital to my continued life, the cable tv... I've watched twice in the three months since I moved here. After Chris on Friday, the box goes back.


I.e., you can expect me to be even less in touch with Modern Times than I currently am. Cheers!

(Luckily, yes, I am exaggerating rather extravagantly. It's more fun that way. But unless I do crack down now, there really won't be any iced coffee come winter. And that would be a shame, wouldn't it?)

Eeee! My Frye boots are here! :P Sexy leathaahhh.
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