silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Really, I have no idea. There I was, innocently searching for winter boots... well, these are lined in fake fur. And thousands of SHINY SEQUINS, to keep me warm and cozy.

They are actually a muted cranberry color. Quite demure, really.

Today I wander out to Oconomowoc to pick up some plants a patient of mine is getting rid of, several jade trees and "a little pine tree," which I hope proves to be a Norfolk, since I don't think a real pine tree will fit in my SUV, even with the seats tumbled. Even if it is "little." We'll see. Then I'm determined to try my hand at writing something, determined, even though I do have myself psyched into thinking I can only write when the Lexapro runs out, as (probably coincidentally) happened for the JuC Swap story and the Internet porn story. I'm quite happy with the Lexapro, and on the Lexapro, and I would hate to think it keeps me so placid and contented that I'm unable to feel the incredible angst and pain necessary for writing about sparkly pop stars in love. So we'll see how all that turns out.

I made my first purchase! *proud*

Pair of teensy little radio-controlled helicopters, Christmas present. Awesome. Also awesome is, and also, although I never seem to purchase any of the t-shirts. Perhaps someday!
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