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Sheck it out, bebes. Halloween has almost sprung! Certainly it feels Halloweeny around here. I think we might have topped 50 degrees today! The trees are all empty and damp! The sun came out for like 20 minutes! It is most spooky outside.

On that note, I bought a Seasonal Affect light therapy doolie yesterday. 10,000 lux, it fills up my head with light. I'm thinking I will need it. Going to keep it right here on the computer desk, so it can beam happiness at me 16 several hours a day.

Any word on DWNOGA? Will I have to find a way to produce a midwinter story that doesn't involve stress, panic, and last minute deals with the devil? Well, I suppose it could be done. Yes, it shall be done. Who's with me??




Wrote all that the other day. Today it's gorgeous, chilly but sunny, and the cats are out on the deck chatting with the birds, except once in a while Malcolm comes in to stand on my lap with his paws on my shoulder, a full-body kitty hug. Awww. I'm rocking out with my new computer speakers and writing and contemplating cleaning my house, ha ha.

I did have a bit of a snit the other day, an episode of fandom mayonnaise malaise, during which I thought uncharitable thoughts about Jared Padalecki's pinchy face and Patrick Stump's dumb hair, but I think I'm better now. Sorry about that, livejournal. I'm pretty devolved sometimes. Here, have some turkeys by way of apology.


They have no proper fear of Man. By which I mean, me.

There's like a zillion of them, living in the trees by the railroad tracks. Sometimes they bustle around the condos and into the parking lot and yell at us. They don't really gobble. It's more like an aggrieved mumble.

This picture is deceptive. Malcolm is actually about 1/3 their size. I can't imagine what he thinks he'll do with one if he catches it. I yell at him, THEY WILL KICK YOUR FURRY ASS, but he ignores me. They just huddle a bit and then run at him, and he crouches down and pretends to be invisible. Hee!

Munch stays up on the deck, because he can't figure out how to get down.

Hey, how did that get in there?? Happy Belated to my favorite turkey of all. Now that you're 36 and all grown up... oh, I can't even.

Love love love! Now & 4evah KISS, A+++, would stalk again, anytime.

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