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premade_ljs, love them, they have good Halloweeny layouts.

Today I go to my hospital's nursing education fair, a thrice yearly event put on to make sure we remember how to, like, check blood sugars and stuff like that. So I'm thinking it'll be chaotic and boring at the same time, except for the fact that this is Froedtert, and they are frighteningly organized for being a hospital, which makes it really hard to mock them and hate my job. Meh.

And then I AM going to clean my house, and I AM going to do the carpets, but mainly because I keep tripping over the vaccuum, where it has lain for the past three days. Small steps, people. Dodgy motivations. What can I say, it works.

Please quote or write me your favorite kitten!JC. Or is "favorite" the word I'm looking for? :) Here's mine:


It was getting easier for Chris when JC hung on him and whispered in his ear, all "Hey, Chris," in that stupid me-so-sexy voice, "I got you something," his breath warm on Chris's neck, easier to calm his own inhalations. He had managed that much. But JC made a low sound of amusement deep in his throat, all "she's perfect for you" and she was, watching from the corner of her eye as JC hummed against Chris's back, and he knew he had to figure out how to control the twist in his spine that gave him away every time.


Bah. I forget how to do that, that writing thing. Anyway, acc. to Lance Nsync didn't all live together in a box like puppies, inseparable, just waiting for the next chance to have a cookout only the 5 of them would attend. Who'da guessed! I actually prefer this version of Nsync, because it gives me many story ideas about missed connections and the difficulties of finding their way to having meaningful interactions through the throngs of people and the whirlwind of appearances and promo and shoots and shows, but then I've always enjoyed the idea that we will never really know a true version of Nsync, because of the media representations and the spinning and the PR machine, etc., all the "true" versions we receive. So this is Fresh Canon! Gotta love that.

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