silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

thefulcrum, more s2 layouts. I like this one I'm using better than the black one from yesterday, if you saw that. Bigger print. Sigh. But also, hundred years of solitude layout! Awesome possum! Makes me want to write some more of that stuff, but I'm not sure how. I keep thinking, one of them dreams, and the others see the colors... oh, did that. No, okay, they see vines winding through the air, coming for them, pulling them on to their destiny together... did that, too. Fuck. Apparently, I only want to steal the ideas of other people.

Oh, well, I'll just hang out here in front of my luxes and think about it.

Plus (she said, continuing a conversation in midstream, as one does), I love how Lance is being confronted with that peculiar pov of fandom in which all canon is now. Like, "You hate Justin!" and he's saying, rather reasonably, "No, I don't, I was mad at him 2 yrs ago," as though that isn't now for us fans, as though it's not still happening and will always be true in canon. It's always struck me as so funny, the uneasy relationship celebrities have with their own media personas. They tell us, I Like the Color Silver! and they will always love silver, now and forever, world without end. What a hiding place, what a trap!

I think the successful celebs, for all kinds of values of "success," are the ones who ride that wave, gleefully manipulating their fans, uh - because they love us, of course. frausorge has that great scene in her sesa story Stick Around in which girls are hanging all over each other for JC to watch, and Chris calls him a fiendish bastard, and that's just so right, I love it, but I can't help but wonder if he's sick of it now. Well, probably not, ahaa. It's JC. But I'm pretty darn sure he doesn't collect Hard Rock menus anymore. Relatively sure.

Can't remember where I was going with that, something about Lance maybe? Nothing new, anyway, and I'll wrap it up by saying how much I love living in a world with Google, which I use 987609980 times a day, a world in which I can say to myself, self? Was it Hard Rock or Planet Hollywood? And "JC Hard Rock Menu" gives me the right link like instantaneously. That is vital, people.

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