silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

IT IS SNOWING HERE. I don't wish to talk about it.

No, wait! It's sunny. Oh, Wisconsin, you crazy, crazy place. ♥

Yesterday I had a fantastic day! First, I got tickets to go see withdiamonds in a couple of weeks, eeeeEE! I'm sure she will try and pimp the spn, but I am ready. I will retaliate with SG1, which merryish reminded me was the most awesome show indeed. Can't wait! Nobody cheers me up like Donna.

Then I thought for a minute there I was getting out of my shift at work, so Jane and Maya came over, and we had soup while Munch lolled about on the table and tried to convince us that pumpkin bisque was his favorite thing ever. Maya was wearing John's stretchy beaded hat band as a belt, skinny girl, and she had leggings and a tank tunic over a flowy shirt and maryjane Crocs, so cute and stylin', and she is not quite ten but she shows me how it's done like every time I see her. We were going to head out to World Market then, but work decided they couldn't live without me after all, so they went on. Just as well. I do evil things to my credit history in World Market. Plus, we are having another Just Girls day on Friday, not to mention yoga tomorrow night. Assuming it's not blizzarding.

So I ended up working 6 hrs last night, and my! That's quite doable. Even when one of your patients has a 107 temp and a bp in the toilet, trying hard to go septic, and another patient loses the ability to conduct a coherent conversation, even then. Six hrs, I would work every single day of my life if I could do it in shifts that length. Well, maybe not. Ha ha. We all had hot fudge sundaes, that's probably why my night was tolerable. Sugar makes everything better.

Today, coffee, more pumpkin bisque, interesting weather, pissy cats (I won't let them out on the deck when it's 45 degrees, INHUMANE I TELL YOU, Malcolm shreds toilet paper daily in increasing frustration), and a train parked right outside my door. Am so curious about that one. I could run right up and spray NSYNC IS LUV in big bubble letters on the side of one of the cars! But I won't. Instead, I'll sit here with this 3manbus for a bit, and then maybe I'll take a walk. With, I don't know, a parka and sunglasses. Maybe a wet suit. Pitons? Who the heck knows.

I.e., good morning!
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