silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi, Santa! Or whichever gift-giving being you prefer to consider yourself. I'm sorry to make you wait for this note. I'm easily distracted this year, and I forget that some people start writing before, like, the last day. Crazy, huh.

So, my story. First of all, THANK YOU. I love that you're writing me a story! As for the story itself, well. Anything you love, I will. I'm just thrilled when people enjoy the guys enough to write a story about them. Specifically, however, I do have some druthers, if you would like to know.

Characterization, snappy writing, a story that's true to itself - those are my primos. I'd prefer 600 right words to 40 pages of exposition and writer's notes. Au's, not so much my thing, unless the guys really shine through. I dig fantastical elements in a story, but if you don't want to do that, that's cool - I also like porn, snarky dialogue, and first times, especially in the context of their crazy lives on tour. Any era is great, although I have a weakness for now and future fic. Dark fic is fine. If you can make me say, Oh that's so them, I will love you forever.

But mainly, have fun! Toss all the rest of my words out the window if you have to, and just run with it. Love your story, and the characters, and I will too. Rock on, Sesa writer! ♥

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