silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Pics Ahoy.

They tell me spring is coming. Ha ha, such kidders.

This morning: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, say the kitties. Dudes, don't ask me.

My sister and I are the ones with the Jameson Irish glow in our cheeks. Criminey. Also, cousins, and my aunt. *hugs aunt*

About maybe, hmm. A third of our family?

I play basketball. Unfortunately, everybody else was bowling. Still, I WHUPPED THEY ASSES. Hey, 8 pins! Total. No, that's good.

♥ family

Sesa, yes. Today I did that thing where I read all my old stories, to remind me how to write. Some of them I like! Excellent. And I have an idea, and the rest of the day off, and then Wed thru Sun next week (maybe). This can be done. Now, if I could just stop noodling about on the internets... ohh, CNN! Shiny.
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