silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ha, just wrote a fan letter to a builder. But, criminey! It's so pretty. I love how the southwest shtick is revisualized with industrial elements - those red metal supports for vigas! That's thinking out of the box. And the fireplace, I want to crawl inside. But that's mainly because we've had like the 6th snowiest December in WI history. Bah. But I digress.

(Okay, it's lovely, the snow. All of it.)

Anyway, que mas else? I had my HR day at the new job - starting in January I'll be a hospice nurse doing home visits. I'll also be doing the bone marrow transplant thing every so often, because I dig my coworkers (yesterday we sang Xmas carols until one of the patients yelled "What is that RACKET"), but the hospital thing, getting old. The condo I'm attempting to paint, if by attempting you mean agonizing over color choices. Neutral is just so... neutral. Fuck neutral. Will they really not buy if my walls are green?? Not that I'm selling; but someday I may. The family, all fabulous, we had a birthday do for my niece this evening. She's 10, almost 30, got a video camera and a certificate for ear piercing, which made her say AWESOME and hop around like a cricket. Hearts! So, good. All pretty good.

Also many hearts to LesaSoja and Dine and Pensnest, who sent me Holiday cards undeservedly. Cheers! Lesa, Donna has given me free reign. Rain. Rein? To choose SF dates, so I'm doing that. Will reply to email forthwith! Yay!

Sesa. Well.

Merry Xmas, livejournal! Or however you want to party, rock on!

ps. I'm behind on reading... are there pics of Chris at the Stillers game? That would be v. nice.
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