silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, I'm heavy into this sesa story, which I kind of love A LOT, and what is it about writing that just makes you want to do it some more? Because now I have this vision of John Sheppard getting zapped in some Ancient device (I'm kind of oldschool, which is to say, behind; I like the aliens-made-them-do-it stories, too) and getting turned into a vampire, which Rodney theorizes is some kind of adaptive measure for lean times, kind of logical if ultimately self-limiting, population-wise, and John had better not even think about it. But Rodney wouldn't leave, and I guess John would have to say Rodney a lot and find himself looking at the tender, pulsing skin of Rodney's neck and then feel disgusted with himself, and there would be angst and realizations and then more angst, and maybe Rodney tilting his head often, if not quite consciously. I also had this vision of Ronon saying they should confine John to quarters "like with that bug thing," although I couldn't remember if that was a season with Ronon, and oh! Why is it always John? Maybe it should be Rodney, who would be the most hilarious, fumbling (because sex) and yet competent and really terrifying and hungry vampire ever.

Yes, I have been reading quite a bit of Buffy lately; can you tell? And most of this is by way of really wishing to write CK as a vamp - he would be so vicious and fucked up and broody and hot; it would be wonderful.

Okay. Back to it. Here's to submitting on time! *clink*
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