silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh, Happy Day, lj! Hope it's a fun holiday for those who celebrate. I am celebrating by going to work, but I have no doubt there will be masses of good food, and we WILL have a good shift, because we'll make sure of it. Then Jane and John and Maya and Tim and I will do Christmas on Dec. 31st, and I can't WAIT, except -- well, better get shopping, eh?

Mtyg stories are live! Huge thanks to the admins for maintaining this awesome holiday tradition, if in a new incarnation. 80 popslash stories to read! And a story for ME! Santa, you're my favorite. I have read my story and said "hee" throughout; expect my squee-filled fb soon.

Kitties and I celebrated with new hair brushes and a crinkle rat (Crinkle Bee seems to be missing). I finally figured out how to brush Munch so as to make him purr: Soft brush, but backwards. He ends up looking like an electrified dust mop, but he loves it. I almost got a picture today, but then his head exploded and he had to tear through the house and up and down the basement steps 12 times at top speed. Malcolm watched him, and then when he was exhausted, panting in a disheveled heap, pounced on him and bit his head. AWWW.

Yay, sparkly day! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go locate an open gas station. My new tires aren't holding air. *peppermint-scented SMACKDOWN*
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