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Oh good god, people, just because I post my condo on craigslist with a couple of poorly shot photos to get a sense of the kind of nutty requests buyers have, that does not mean I actually want to show it! Fuck. Now I have to clean up, I guess, and stow the cats somewhere, and put on my nice face and talk it up. Ugh. I don't do the talking up, except in job interviews; I do the sarcastic bitching & tearing down. What a Sunday.

Yes; putting it on the market in a Buyer's upswing, which is to say they'll no doubt offer me something like 47 bucks, and I'll think about it, just for a minute (could I make up the difference with a credit card?), and then we'll have a nice laugh, and I can go back to fretting about my mortgage payments, which are not that bad, really, except for the condo fees (surely I can hire some nice teenager to shovel snow for less than 250/mo) and the not ever doing anything fun (except that I do, which is why I can't just charge off my loan right now, ha ha); so. Yes, I'm thinking about selling, and I consider the last 7 mo to be a good time in a great place and an awesome lesson in the issues involved in homeowning, but mostly what I'll remember are the deer and the turkeys and especially THE EVIL WALLPAPER, FUCK (seriously, there is no worse karma in the world than putting sparkily floral sheets of plastic on your walls with SuperGlue, I'm just saying). I've loved this place; I'm not a homeowner. I like to move around. Believe me, it was an epiphany when I realized my dream of finding my final true home makes me kind of itchy, anymore.

Surely I'll regret this in, oh, twenty years or so when I'm wizened and withered and all those other words for old people, when hamburgers are 47 dollars at MacDonald's and people will kill for monthly payments under $10,000; then. Right now, however, I'm thinking of Waukesha and a nice rental for 500 bucks/mo, and next time I really will do that thing where you save up a down payment and have 6 months of fallback money; I will.

Other than that, Christmas was AWESOME. More on that later; I have to go hide the litter boxes now, asdfjsfsdlkjfl.

My Writing Year does not maybe deserve the capital letters. Dang! Even if I cheat and count last year's sesa, 5 stories. And a tee-tiny ficlet. WHAT.

This year I wrote:

What Comes Around

let us hold your banner high (a whole new world remix)

What's New

The Spirit Catches You

3manbus ficlet

...and this year's sesa, which will be revealed momentito, I'm sure. Many Times, Many Ways, that was me, and hopefully the reveal comes before I finish this entry, but whatever.

Wow! I really let myself get distracted this year. Not cool. Here's the thing; I have a million popslash stories crashing around in my head, but I've gotten lazy. It's the act of writing that's bogged me down this year, that inevitable part where you want to pull your hair out and it's hard, but watching SGA: Season One or Firefly or whatever on DVD or just noodling about on the internet is so easy. I'm sure this is in reaction to my mom's death and moving to WI and quitting school, and not tearing my hair out felt so good for a while, but oddly now that I'm emerging from the other side of this long, long year, it hurts worse not to write. Weird.

Favorite story this year (of my own):

The Spirit Catches You, because I feel I captured that moment when the world absolutely ends, but you have to go on. And how you can do that.

My best story this year:

I'm going to say What Comes Around, because it's fleshed out (for me, ha) and pretty well balanced and the pieces fit together and it works.

Most popular story this year, in my opinion:

Hmm, well. What's New got the most fb, whatever, but Many Times got the widest range of response, in terms of who responded and what they had to say. I'm sure that's because it's a fluffy piece of schmoop. I can say that, because it knows how much I adore it.

Most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: The remix, partly because it's a remix, and partly because it's dark. I bet. Oh, who really knows.

Most fun story:

What Comes Around, because roadtrip, and also karaoke, and also maybe What's New, because Chris almost comes in his pants.

Sexiest story:

What's New, mmm. Fun to write. :P

Single sexiest moment:

Afterwards Chris let him rest against his back for a long time, and even turned his head so JC could kiss him again and again, his whole body thrumming with warmth and pleasure. So, so glad he'd decided to stay.

"Okay, guys! Here's the thing."

He pulled out as slowly as he could, running a soothing hand over Chris's hip, and shuffled aside on his knees, holding up his pants, as Chris flopped over to sit gingerly on the floor. Where to put the rubber? He hesitated, and Chris took it out of his hand and tossed it on the couch, grinning at him, a whole new smile.

And the stuff right before it. And right after. I love that story. :P

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

I don't so much do the intentional crackfic, so there's no "Even for you" about it. Don't know?

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

The remix, because I had to think hard about what that life does to people, and think about it in terms of Maggie's original story, which was so brilliant and twisted. Now that was an intense writing experience. Now I'm kind of thinking I can really understand why the guys aren't too worried about all that being gone: Nothing will ever quite be like Nsync, for them. (And thank god.)

Easiest story to write:

The Spirit Catches You. I see it every day.

Hardest story to write:

What Comes Around, maybe, because so much of Chris's and JC's depression was based on my own.

Biggest disappointment:

Not writing more... I liked what I wrote this year.

Biggest surprise:

That I liked what I wrote this year, bwah.

Most telling story:

What Comes Around, maybe? The depression, the redemption, the love... such wish fulfillment. What, I don't even care.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:

The end of the world, new beginnings. Yes, I could be more vague. Try me. :P

Amount of fic that lurks, unposted, on your hard drive and why:

Oh, lord, so MUCH. I read them and really want to know what happens, because the guys do live in me, but I've hit a wall in every piece. A wall of sloth.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Oh, shush.

Did you take any writing risks this year? (unexpected pairings, etc.) What did you learn from them?

Well, hmm. I had JC kill a willing Justin while Chris watched with fascination, and I gave JC leukemia. Also everybody was depressed in one of the stories. From those I learned that the characters have so much more to them than I've realized, and even though other stories I wrote this year were fluffy and porny, as per usual - I now know there's just so much left to explore.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

To write. Easy, huh?
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