silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Livejournal, gosh! I've been nudged. Rikes! Has it been so long? I guess it has. And anyway, I'm being disingenuous, because Withdiamonds and Lesasoja both told me repeatedly how long it's been, and I said I knooooow, I know.

Well, I don't know. What do you want to know? :-) I fell in love with SF, still love Withdiamonds and Lesasoja, hate the snow (4-8 more inches tonight! Gurgle), and love the kitties, who were most upset with me for leaving forever, despite the fact that my sister and niece came over to be with them and someone spent the afternoon draped over Jane and Maya in the Big Chair; I'm not sure who. SF! What a cool very tall hilly city, and a fabulous vacation, and it was so much fun eating lunch with Alittleblue and watching the boats and walking all over, discussing Coit tower and the parrots and John and Rodney and also some other guys, I forget. Somebody with a pinchy face? Anyway, and then a super long afternoon with Lesasoja, talking it all over, but too short a time and not enough. Aw. After you left, Clara, we watched the guests arrive for a wedding, so many people dressed in black and all the little kids and babies done up fancy, too, and everybody kissed each other on the right cheek, even the teenage boys. The bride and groom never did show up (we waited) but after a while someone exclaimed, "The party's open!" and the lobby emptied out. Then we went upstairs and ordered room service and watched Enchanted. It was still raining.

I.e., heaven. :) Hey, I still owe you a dollar's worth of trickC. I'm thinking on it.

But now to bed, because blah blah work, although I do like it. Tomorrow I get to watch an admit so that I can do them times a million, because we're constantly signing patients on to hospice and everyone agrees the new people should get the experience. Hmm. And then I get to do a home visit, someone who's actively dying; he needs a continuous infusion of pain meds, so I'll change his cartridge, and also he needs his infusion catheter changed, the little soft plastic tube going into the scant fat of his thigh, through which the dilaudid flows. He'll maybe say a word or two, but he's drawing inward, as they do. Last time he told me he thought he was hallucinating, but it was like dreaming, so he didn't mind. This time I'll wonder where he is and what he's seeing; when I first met him, back when he was up and about and still at the very beginning of his journey, he showed me the googlemap of his land up by Woodruff, right on Shadow Lake. They had a dock, he told me, and used to take the boat across to dinner at the resort of a summer evening. Maybe he's waiting there now, watching the boat draw near to the dock.

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