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Wass happenin, livejournal! I'm pretty good. Been taking quite the extended break, and it's been good for my mental health, although of course Donna keeps me apprised of important stuff, like wank and JC and Popslash! Remix!, which of course despite my grumpy hermit-like ways cannot be missed! Surely you all signed up, too! Sam and Dean and Mikey and Gerard and That Wentz Character, and of course John and Rodney ♥ ♥ ♥, they all love the popslash remix and would never begrudge, they told me so. Doooo it.

Ok! What's new. Hmm, hmm. Well, I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner now, as uncomfortable as the word "master" makes me feel, and also giggly and 12, sorry, and really when it comes down to it I just tell people it means I have special ninja training and could zap you where you stand! With laser beams from my eyes! Which is pretty awesome, if you're me. Mostly it means I offer healing energy to anyone who wants it, and yes, that means you, too. Because it works. And there you have it.

The hospice job, not so great. The hospice part was wonderful and perfect, and I learned so much and had the honor to share in and help with some tough times for some great people, and I know that kind of stuff is right for me. But the agency was verkakte, one of those places that did things the most difficult and disorganized way just because that's how we do stuff, and tried to work around it by maintaining a culture of total committment to the job. Now, I'm a lazy selfish bastard, I freely admit it, but I do think my suspicion of the concept of the nursing "calling" is justifiable when "calling" means 24/7 and my 8 hr shifts are routinely turning into 10 to 12 to 14 hrs. Yuck. And they didn't so much like to train, as rather just tell us when we screwed up. For example: I work 6 hrs to get this unfortunate man admitted to the hospital for uncontrolled symptoms (family at their wits' end, agitation and pain and delirium, very swift course so they weren't even set up for an in-home crisis nurse), with the non-help of a cranky office nurse, who told me "I don't know which ambulance service we use, do I have to do everything for you?" So I pulled an ambulance out of my ass (secret ninja thing; don't ask) and in VM the next day, the nurse manager says: Just a Reminder, We don't use Bell Ambulance. Now We Have to Cover an $800 Bill for Service, We use Meda Care, Please Don't Make This Mistake Again.... did they ever tell me this in the first place? No. How could they? Orientation was one week of classes about grief and one week of shadowing a nurse who talked about everything except hospice. Grrr.

Good thing I'm not crabby about that anymore. Whew. Then I'd have to go on and on about an inpatient hospice unit where the Hospice Medical Director doesn't even have practicing privileges, and no doctors will write orders for my newly admitted patient at 8 pm when I get done at 4 pm, and woop! Laser beams, monitor screen, ugly. No. Let's not go there.

So on the job front, much picking up of shifts at Froedtert, many ego-boosting glad cries (flu season, nurses sick, etc.), and just today, something new. I'm going to San Francisco! Yay!

Travel nursing, and it's actually a little inland. Walnut Creek, a hospital with a good rep, and I'll be doing general oncology for 13 weeks, at night. At night. What the fuck was I thinking. But the money's good, and I can bring the kitties, and it's California and not Wisconsin, which is key right now. Did you know we came this close to breaking the all-time record for snowfall in Wisconsin this winter? Well, we did. It's not snowy now, but it could be. At any moment. Watch the skies.

Yeah, tough winter.

Last night I dreamed about Nsync. Fuck, you guys, it was fabulous, although I'm not sure what it means that they slept on their tourbus on metal shelving (JC seemed comfortable) nestled in and amongst liter bags of IV fluids. I just... whatever. Anyway, they sang, and it was so beautiful, their voices, the music... I knew it was new music, and of course I can't remember a thing about it now, but it was new and I knew that, and when they came off the stage JC was whispering to Chris with a wicked smile on his face and Chris elbowed him and they scuffled around a little bit, and do I even have to tell you I woke up happy?
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