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Hey, I found a decent pic of me and my gorgeous sister and my wicked dad! Ha, that was the trip up from FL to WI. Now I'm heading to CA on, when... Friday? Criminey, and maybe I'll grab a photo of me and the kitties before I head out. Should be an easy trip, just take highway 80 out for a million miles for a couple of days or so. Reckon I'll stop when I hit water, back up a bit. That's my plan.

109 Roble Rd #201
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Come visit!

In other news, sometimes I like to talk about pain. Right, and now that I have your attention, you pervies...

I admit it, I'm one of those annoying tv-watchers who can't tolerate it when shows get medical stuff wrong. Man, I can't even watch ER and Grey's Anatomy and House and whatever all else, and even the shows I like... well, I don't have a tv now, but when I did, I could barely stand myself. Remember when they had to get the Iratus bug off Sheppard's neck, and they shocked him dead to do it and then shocked him back to life? I was like, OMG NO YOU ARE DEAD DEAD SO DEAD, GOODBYE, SHEPPARD, really literally shouting at the screen, because you don't shock a dead guy, because shocking is about electricity, and when you are dead there's no electricity; what is there to shock? Nothing, omg.

....anyway. Apparently, recalibrating the flux capacitors to enfold a new region of subspace time is just fine, though.

I have many of those ridiculous impulses when I read fanfiction, too. My biggest pet peeve, it turns out, is in the area of pain control. Now, I realize most writers are winging it when it comes to research, most of the time; much like I imagine us pop and bandom writers wing the whole Sexdrugsrockandroll/fashion/militaryindustrialentertainment complex lifestyle thing. Well, I do, anyway. Okay, probably most people do more research than me. But I swear, when people try to write hurt-comfort without knowing a thing about what heath care really does in cases of acute discomfort, I just, god... end up spouting rants like this.

Okay, so anyway, here's a few things you need to know about pain control and how to write your boys in (treated) pain, and not turn me into a frothing mess (it's ugly):

1. Pain is bad. It's really hard on the body and the spirit, and fighting and enduring pain takes away all the reserves you have for, like, getting better. We don't like pain.

2. You won't turn into an addict just by taking some pain meds. Okay, yes, your body will become accustomed to opioids like morphine, and if you're getting solid doses for more than a few days, you won't be able to just stop without some withdrawal symptoms. Taking these meds will NOT turn you into a dirty gangbanger who robs gas stations and knows the street value of oxycodone, however. I tell my patients, the pain medicine goes to the pain. It doesn't turn you into a junkie.

3. No respectable, compassionate, up-to-date healthcare provider will withhold pain medication for the sake of -- I don't know, what boner moves have I seen in fic? Waking the person up for a debriefing, or discharging them from the infirmary, or getting them off the smack, stuff like that. Doses can be titrated. When the patient's getting better, the IV meds turn into pills. You get what you need as long as you need it, if you have good clinicians.

3a. The sedative effects of opioids like morphine are temporary in most people, lasting maybe a couple of days at most. If they are not in a given individual, then the dose will be reduced so as to still provide pain control, or the type of drug will be changed.

3b. Pain is whatever the patient says it is, and effective pain control is whatever the patient says it is. Admittedly, we still struggle with that one, partly because many people work out their stress and grief and worry and anger and maybe lack of trust through the physical body, and what we may think of as plenty of pain medication can still result in the patient saying fuck, it hurts so bad. Do we then say Sorry, Buddy, You've Had Enough? No, as a matter of fact we do not. We try other meds and other therapies and other ways to understand, and we keep on trying and keep on trying until the patient is comfortable, because [see #1].

3c. Please do not write your character as watching the clock longingly for the next dose of pain meds. Any clinician worth her salt would take that as a hint that this poor schmuck needs more pain medication. You are not required to feel pain to get better.

[HOWEVER. Some people may have to undergo some discomfort sometimes, for example post-surgical patients when they get up to walk the first time, or when they do the much-hated turn cough deep breathe, or when they go to physical therapy.... anybody who gets dressing changes to extensive wounds or burns or such is probably not going to enjoy it much... but all of these people should always get medicated for this stuff, and taught to relax and breathe through the pain as much as possible.]

Okay, you may now all freely call me a spoilsport, but I say to you: blowjobs are great pain control, I'm not advocating you stay away from that plotline whatsoever!! I'm just saying, don't wait until John is in excruciating pain. Rodney should be there & ready to put out whenever John says it's time. That's all I'm saying. Oh! Or scheduled blowjobs, that's even more effective.

The End.

Now I must pack some more and try to heave my gigantic jade plants outside, to live or die freely. Hopefully the snow is over for this season. And then I must clean some and pack some more, and then unpack and repack smaller, and then look for my car insurance card, because I'm pretty sure I have one. Tomorrow, the cable box goes back, and dinner with the fam. Friday, auugh -- the driving. Luckily the kitties and I have lots to discuss.
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