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Nobody read this, okay.

Darnit, I missed the Nova on string theory this Tuesday. It's fascinating. Vonda MacIntyre and probably innumerable other SF authors have used string theory in their works for years now, but for the life of me I still don't really get it. Little vibrating strings? Open or closed? M theory, and topological defects? The event horizon of two black holes together is smaller than each, separate? Domain walls in which gravity repels instead of attracts? Cosmic microwave anisotropies? Oh, for God's sake. Heh.

It's all really evocative for me, but being a messy creative type rather than a physicist, I tend to think of this stuff in metaphorical terms. Like, say quantum to me and I'll brighten right up: "Oh! Connie Willis's story At The Rialto! She also did a story about Schwartzchild discovering black holes! Brilliant stuff!"

*shakes head*

So anyway, here's a line I stole from found on one of the Physics for Dummies sites:

symmetries are restored at high temperatures

lovelovelove. It's about the idea that at higher temperatures stuff tends to be better mixed up and uniform, like water looks the same on the molecule level no matter which direction you look at it, whereas in ice the molecules tend to line up in an orderly lattice and therefore will look different when viewed from different perspectives. Physicists use this idea to speculate about the Big Bang and how matter got distributed in/as the universe.

But isn't it a great tagline for a smokin' porn?

And to prove I am just as geeky about medicine:

1. "bone fusion," the point in arthritis at which pain disappears, because instead of rubbing against one another, the joint bones fuse together (not a story for the happyfic thing, I'm thinking), and

2. "cardiac ectopy," in which cells of a damaged or dying heart take on a rhythm and life of their own, independant of the overall controlling beat. Can be fatal.

I would love to see someone pick these up and write about them. Not sure I have the chops, yet.

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