silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Greetings from Rawlins, Wyoming! I'da posted sooner, but I was in the zone. You know, driving; driving. Driving. Two days so far, and late yesterday I crossed into unfamiliar territory; I've made the drive along interstate 80 to Nebraska before, but that time I headed down 76 through Colorado to end up in New Mexico. Now, Wyoming, and it's gorgeous and desolate, the Rockies a little more stern-looking than the Sangre de Christos further south, and I admit to some tears when I started seeing the peaks, all black and white and going on for such a long distance. Something relaxed in me I didn't even know was tense, or maybe it was like waking up, and I felt like I could breathe, or maybe... whatever metaphor/simile, whatever, just -- love the mountains. Hate driving in them, though, although my luck is holding steady: a blizzard hit the day before I came through, highway closed for miles, but when I drove it, the roads were dry and the day was warm(ish). All that remained of the storm were random semis overturned beside the road. Zoicks.

Today, more Wyoming, some Utah, some Nevada. Kitties are settling into the road thing, albeit crankily. I tried to listen to music the first day, a mix my brother in law made for me, filled with wondrous music by the likes of Neil Diamond and Leonard Nimoy, um... yeah, but Malcolm started yowling during Bojangles, ahahaaHA, and I had to turn it off. I'll give it a go again today. Maybe he just doesn't like Neil Diamond? Incontheivable, and yet.

akjdglklfgkdf Donna, goddammnit, how to I make the delete key on this stupid Mac delete forward??? God.

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