silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Once in a while my brain skitters over the fact that soon I have to decide what next. It was 2200 miles here; saw many amazing things, but in truth, me and the k's did not enjoy the totality of the driving experience. Days three and four were hard, y'all. Despite the endless white sand beach with no water that was Utah; despite the mountains and the herds of antelope grazing right alongside the cows; despite the sky, and the sky, and the sky -- dude. By the end of the trip I felt like I'd open the car door and fall out sideways, my ass was so numb.

But, ahahaa. So here we are. And that's as far as I've gotten. I absolutely love the uncertainty of it -- anything is possible! -- and yet. The organized part of my brain (kicks in late, admittedly) wants to know plans and schedules, so it can make lists and figure contingencies. Tough, little brain! I have nothing for you yet.

.....maybe a little RV? Arrgh, still the driving.

Malcolm is perched at the edge of the balcony, calculating trajectories. Munch is sprawled out on the table beyond my laptop, belly up, purring. alsdjlskjfdalksjf;;; this was so much easier when I didn't have kids.

Annnnyway, holy moly! Just started catching up on the old flist, and this, 3manbus of my heart!! Ha ha, too bad she won't see my keysmashes of love, because, computer. Y'all, it was carved from a rock, I swear. It had to hike ten miles uphill in the snow at every command. Its processor navigated by the light of the stars. It was, it was... right, like I know from computers, to rig up a decent burn. But like, mine works. Oh!

Okay, fine. 3 pm, time to get up for the day.
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