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I have seen eps of Spn in the presence of fannish glee, and it was not for me. Now I can honestly say I understand what the squee for My Chem is all about, too, but the music doesn't grab me. It was fun watching the Life on the Murder Scene video diaries, however, for the glimpses of life in a working band, and for the guys' progression toward polish and glam -- especially considering how old this dvd is, apparently! Also, it clarified for me some thoughts I've had about bandom and pop.

I never realized that My Chem and Nsync are, you know, essentially the same ages! Except for that old fuck, Kirkpatrick. I tend to think of them as different generations, and they are, in terms of the progression of their careers and also their focus in the world of fandom. But thinking of them not as older brothers, not as potential mentors (as if, JC in the crapper notwithstanding) also led me to realize that while My Chem really did seem to lead that fairytale life of garage-band-made-good, Nsync was never really a band.

I know, I know, hardly a revelation. HI PLZD TO MEET U. But it kind of floored me to realize all over again that one of the reasons I love Nsync so dearly is that I've always thought of them as a stage production, a dance company with music (maybe), a vocal group with moves -- but not a band. Me! I hate shows, man. Never seen Rent, never wanted to. Okay, Bye Bye Birdie in high school was fun, and I love Gene Kelly et al. Nsync, doin' their little skits! High School Musical, kickin' it oldschool. Nsync as actors, not musicians.

Jeez, no wonder it's been tough for them as have wanted to make it big as solo artists. Justin was smart to do the acting he did -- totally separated him from that other kind of acting. JC... man, I don't know. Not sure JC ever knew he was acting. Hmm.

Yeah, prob. I'm talking out my ass. I do that. HI PLZD TO MEadkjgalkdfjglkaaagh. Feel free to refute, even if it's just to list for me about the last ten times this was talked about. All arguments involving filthy pornish examples gleefully accepted. Also, wtf. It's 7.30 at night? I think I lost a day again.

Due to previous stuff which I have no memory of, I owe frausorge 100 words of trickC. Well, here's 112 words of 3manbus. Weird: it's the first thing I've written in like 5 months. Again, wtf. Who cares if it sucks? Not me. I do this just for fun.

It didn't start coming to him until he finally settled in to sleep, and he lay there in the dark, hearing the sounds, watching the way the music wanted to move, almost like a dream. After a while he started humming under his breath, just a tiny thread of sound so he could follow, and then he heard a quiet snort and, "Jesus, C, you have to sleep sometime." Chris pulled him in close, wrapping warm arms around him, and from the darkness a hand came patting randomly, and Justin's voice, still a little hoarse, "I got it, I got it, it's good," and it was: so, so beautiful. "In the morning, okay?"

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