silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

What a lovely day I had yesterday! Downloaded some Beastie Boys in the a.m. (you're welcome, neighbors) and then wandered around a bit with claire, who as it turns out is funny and disdainful of humans in exactly the right proportions. Then scored 2 passes to Day One of the SF Outside Lands music fest at the end of August, because Radiohead!!! And also motherfucking Beck, which is a total bonus as I had no idea he was showing up. \o/

Then in the evening I ate pizza and drank Guinness and composed an appropriately self-aggrandizing email to the RN manager of the bmt unit at UCSF, and also submitted an app to Stanford, because what the hell. Can I just tell you, it is good to be a specialist: got a phone call from UCSF right away this morning. Of course, I was sleeping when UCSF called, because that's what I do, but I will call UCSF back in the a.m. (UCSF has meetings all day today) and then yoicks, I might have an SF job.

Okay, but here's where UCSF is kind of smart (or I'm kind of dumb): I happened to mention that I was a traveler, and the message I got said, "I don't really need a staff nurse... but we could really use a traveler at the end of Aug!!" Oh, UCSF, you crazy kid. Crazy like a fox. That way, 1)they don't have to spend money on unit orientation, and 2)they have three months to see whether I'm loony-bins or what, and 3)they can still get me in there, which is difficult in a union culture where the RN managers have to justify every hiring expenditure. Smart, smart UCSF! Well, you gotta love a manager named Flo.

So, the part of my brain that wants to know what's next is temporarily appeased. I may not decide to take UCSF up on the offer, and Stanford (which looks like a nicer unit, truthfully, except for the drawback that it is not in fact located in SF) may come through, and anyway the main upshot is that I've managed to complicate my life dreadfully, which is all I really wanted in the first place.

*birthday present for my sis to post office
*finish reading dvd commentary on Transfigurations (Draco's silver rings, mmm)
*It's Gonna Be May, dammit
*stay up all night in preparation for another 3-day nighttime stint at the hospital
*kitties: pet them


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