silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dudes, what's up with the fake journals created like yesterday posting not-quite appropriate comments? What are they, robots? Zombies? Newbs? *shudders*

j/k, god. But, seriously. One just messaged me and made a stupid comment. The one from yesterday's already been suspended.

I'm afraid if I accidently answer one sometime, my computer will explode in a great gout of slime.

Moving right along, a couple very important and special links that I've been saving up for you all:

Here is a really awesome fashion accessory. Yes, it is a BACON WALLET, and I really wish I hadn't just gotten myself a new wallet. ...I don't think it's actually made out of bacon. ???

Here is a website for those of you who insist on writing mpreg. Ha ha, again I kid. I'm guilty of it myself. Anyhow, this site makes me want to reread Rhyss's story so much, you know, when Lance and Chris did all that internet research to figure out what was happening with Chris? I'm positive this site was one of their resources. I keep looking for the page with Chris's picture of how the baby comes out. Except. Ew. My kink is not okay.

...and I have a bunch more, but really, they should be savored. Except... okay, this is just a public service. Check this out for all your nutritional needs. Stay away from that bargain blood, though; it just doesn't congeal the right way.

Wow, two entries in one day. I feel faint. I'd forgotten what's it like to avoid writing for a deadline.
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