silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, important stuff out of the way first. A poll:

Poll #1192224 SRZ BZN

How many times wearing jeans before the washing of them??? HOW MANY.

oh, 1-2

Just wondering, see.

So, I now have (if I want it) a travel position at UCSF in the bmt unit, starting AFTER RADIOHEAD in August. Money's less good, but on the other hand, UCSF, BMT, SF. I believe all the vital letter groups are represented. Next move is to phone up the unit at Stanford and ask the name of the nurse manager there, so I can hit him and/or her up for a job, too. Too many choices! I love it!

I guess the only thing marring my horizon now is the fact that the Scribblies theme add-on is not compatible with FireFox 3.0. *mourns* I could go back to 2.whatever, but then I can't see ♥, and that cannot be. One must have priorities! (Mac + FF = no card suits -- unless I want to fiddle around with changing some kinda coding things to "Osaka," but I do not. Life is hard enough.)

Night, all. The sun is high in the sky; time for me to climb in the old coffin. (Last night was okay: no one died. Not even anybody who was supposed to. \o/) I believe today I'll direct my dream brain to consider the problem of 3manbus; It's Gonna Be May; Friday. Friday, right? Right.

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