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This is who I want to work for. They operate out of this hospital, which I haven't visited yet, but for those who don't know, "public health" and "rehab" are both terms that indicate, in the nursing world, that you're doing a service to unfortunates -- which is a good thing, but also maybe not so glamorous and high profile. Maybe that's okay when it comes to Buddhism y/y? Ha ha. Anyhow, Zen Hospice also offers a training program in Buddhist chaplaincy for prisons, schools, and hospitals, and that sounds so very awesome, I can't even omg!

What all this means is that I have to sit my ass down and start to breathe. I'll get there.

Tonight I was canceled for the first four hours of my shift. I'll go in at 11 pm, and most likely I won't take my same team as last night, but I guess that's okay. Last night I had to suction this poor guy with a trach like every hour, and clean him up twice when he pooped, and who knew bronchitis could end you up there, huh? He coughed so hard he broke a rib, which popped a lung, which got infected, and then he had some more complications, and yoicks, 2 months later. I told him, as I was wiping his ass, I bet this is one of those experiences you never thought you'd have, hey? and he rolled his eyes like fuck, you sure got that right. Either that or oh, honey, usually it's more fun than this, but who knows.

sga_rps, yay! Let me sum up the first few stories I've read:

Joe Flanigan: My wife...
David Hewlett: No, my wife!
Both: Whatever, let's fuck.
[varying shades of hot guilt and angst ensue]

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