silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A secret message from my teeth.

So far they haven't cancelled me for tonight. *fingers crossed*

Last time I went in at 11 pm I got sent to PCU -- like a telemetry unit. Lots of heart stuff and ICU stepdown and, just, they pretty much ignored me till I said hi? Never been here before? Then they were real nice, but it was noisy and disorganized, and while I can't say I love the unit I normally work on, it's zillions of miles beyond that. Here's hoping I get to stay home tonight, either at the apartment or on the oncology unit.

...annnd, just got the call. First four hours off again. Okay! I'm just glad my travel company guarantees pay after 24 hours of call-offs. Looks like I might reach 24 well before this assignment's over.

Today I did many things. Or, not really, mostly I slept. But also I:

* Rescheduled with Stanford, who interestingly enough don't want me work for them part time on an as-needed basis, but do still want me to come in and meet everybody. Okay? So that's Tuesday, and jcalanthe, do you still want to hang? I have acupuncture in the a.m. and Stanford at 3, and of course the inevitable wandering in a daze trying to find the South Bay in between that (shoosh, don't even), but I'd love to get together.

Anyway. Stanford still wants to socialize. ???

* Contacted a realtor about my condo in WI. Yes, again.

* Verified with my travel company that I can have a stipend instead of having them provide an apt., for when I head to SF. See, they're making noises that the cats are a dealbreaker, and no one in the City'll have us, but I know that's not so. So I'm thinking I'll take my 2200 and find my own place, and maybe it can even be a place I stay longer than 3 months! But as Donna says, less than forever. Yes.

...annnd I had more, but just got distracted by a phone call from my niece, who wanted to tell me of her plan to ship herself and 4 friends out here in plasma tv boxes, so they could come visit. Two boxes, one for the girls, one for the boys! Blankets so they can go overnight airmail in the cargo hold of the plane! Four pounds of cheese and some frozen blueberries because they will probably get hungry! Toddler potties and some ice for the smell! Or maybe diapers. Still trying to decide on that one. And then she told me about the neighbor whose yard is filled with gee-gaws and crap (but no plastic deer) and about her latest Webkinz (#29; little cocker spaniel; $3.60 to cancer research) and about the family trip to Stein's Garden (dirt) and the wind that blew her all over the playground at school (wicked, totally!) and the church fair tomorrow and the fact that she is now 53 inches tall (Tilt-a-Whirl, etc.) and how she covets my exercise bike and wants to sneak into my basement and use it and also the pool at my complex, possibly with some of those floaty noodle things from Target. And then she handed the phone to my sister and said, "Do you want to talk to Aunt Vicki, because I think we're about done."

How can you not love an 11 yr old like that? I ask you. At one point I asked her about something, I don't remember what (got a word in edgewise, astonishing), and she said, "I don't have any information for you on that." Heeee. ♥

I had more, some things about my first acupuncture session (freaky, kind of) and John Sheppard (love), and also about the pop remix (story picked out! maybe) and this one shamanic journeying workshop I may sign up for (mainly for the drums), but I have to slap myself around some to wake up. It's just about time to go to work.

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