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aesthetically pleasing, or in other words "fly"

Well, that didn't take long. When I was all stubborn about the just one icon thing? I crumbled. But, Alex Krycek! Frowning! *swoons* ramblinround does nice work.

So really, then, I may as well go hog-wild with the crumbling... any good icon treasure troves out there? And how do I make the bad boys myself? I mean, besides cutting a little square out of a big picture, heh. I have a fondness for the kind that move around a little, although they invariably make me jump in my seat if I'm not expecting it.

xoverau, you are evil. Had a dream about monks. They weren't yearning or anything, but boy-howdy I can't stop thinking about it. Grrr.

because, the watching. fits right in with another fic I'm contemplating. the lonely monks, they can't touch, maybe they can't speak... but they can watch. grrr

withdiamonds, I am reading happily.

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