silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, so this is a cool thing: patient of mine, continuing headaches, low blood pressure, some kind of infection going on, but tests are negative so far: wtf?? He's been nauseous, taking lots of pain meds, not eating, feeling like ass, but then yesterday evening, suddenly: better. No more pain meds, slept some, asked for a turkey sandwhich and a cup of strawbery ice cream. Also, he just seems better. Awesome, but again, ???

He's been going to an acupuncturist known to his usual doc, but this guy only does acupuncture because his primary biz is relatively unknown here in the States: Chi Gong, perhaps known to many of you as that Chinese energy work a lot like Tai Chi but without the martial element? His doc talked to me about it yesterday, said the acupuncture/Chi Gong guy told her that the patient had some kind of wicked energy blockage in his head/neck area and he's been treating him for it, and yesterday when the doc let him know about the hospital stay, headache, infection/???, he did some meditative healing thing, distance work, aimed at this guy's head.

Turns out he did the healing technique right about when my patient started feeling better. Zaps at a distance: no more Dilaudid, no more Zofran, appetite returned: feeling better. Whoa.

He still has some kinda thing going on, some reason his oxygen levels are down, and we're continuing to monitor and wait for cultures and such. But holy shit, symptom palliation through energy work at a distance, and a physician who encourages its use (and my charge rn passed it on in report after I let her know) -- god, I love it here.

Here's some other things I love: this and this. Hey, it's my birthday soon - just saying. Well, in 10 months.

Okay, must run. Cat litter = pewie, and also I have to mapquest up this one place I'm going tomorrow, here, because I need to spend even more time in my head than I already do. <.< Luckily, turns out if you go far enough inside, you can reach the outside. Also: spirit guide. I want mine to be a hedgehog!

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