silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In 2003 I started my journal at the end of July, so no July 4 entry.

In 2004 I was living in St Petersburg, FL, having landed there after following JC around the country in the most awesomest fun and epic go-round tour of anytime, ever, ever. Apparently, I was planning on visiting some rels, reading From the Path (still one of my comfort fics), and contemplating writing, and thus getting a lot of other automotive things done instead.

In 2005 I was posting random links in an effort to avoid finishing this story and beginning this story. Avoidance, thy name is me. Oh, yeah -- and living in Winter Park, FL, working at Florida Hospital, and only driving by JC's house once in a very great while, when I needed a pick-me-up, and even then at 90 mph and eyes carefully averted. Cold as ice, baby.

In 2006 I didn't post on the 4th, but did on the 3rd and 5th: writing meme (avoidance. very interesting responses from the fl) and JC stalking (jesus fucking christ WTF!!! hee).

In 2007 I... wow, posted once the whole month of July. Wisconsin. Personal Bubbles. No Strings Attached at Goodwill!

This year I'm cleaning the apartment in an effort to avoid writing (♥), contemplating JC and Chris fucking (♥), and anticipating with great glee my new apartment, which is located like 40 paces from UCSF, where I begin a contract in August. Plans for the rest of the summer include moving and getting rid of the car in two days in the beginning of Aug. and then winging off to Chicago for the Fest for Beatles Fans, then Milwaukee for a week or so to try and sell or else store belongings, then back to town just in time for Radiohead (♥ ♥ ♥) and the start of my new contract, and oh omg, it just struck me all over again that I just rented an apartment with no dishwasher and no washer and dryer, wtf roughing it, life is going to be so hard!

Can't wait. Yesterday and the day before I walked for hours & hours in the city, hills, gah, and slept so well and dreamt of... things, good ones? And I guess I just have to force myself out of my stultifying comfort once in a while, I know that.

Happy July, everybody!
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