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First of all, dine! Post card! Thank you so much, you have no idea how cool it is to get these. Well, I know you have no idea, because I suck at telling you. But it's a total bright spot, and you're awesome.

As for the popslash remix:

Holy crap, y'all -- did I score. Or, not really, because I know we're not supposed to think of the remix stories as gifts, but I don't caaaare. Three of my stories got remixed, and all three of them fucking rock, and yes, that's a huge gift. Thank you, remixers!

all day long (the no logo mix)

*** vivid, absolutely crackling with sensory input, delicious and a little nasty: I love how Justin can't help seeing and feeling so strongly and categorizing and labeling everything, and I really love how all the pleasurable feelings are tainted, because JC. And Chris. Poor Justin! I personally dig it when remixers switch up the pov's, especially when they're as insightful and well-done as this.

till the morning comes (the stars of track and field mix)

*** this is so much fun! A look at the whys and wherefores of the 3manbus, and it feels real to me, and plausible. I especially love Justin and JC's boat followed by dolphins in Justin's dream, and JC picking up the glass and rose petals, every bit, at his gramma's. And of course He wasn't here to get anywhere. He was here to get Chris back to his place. Justin's morning face would do the rest.

Mmmm, Justin's morning face.


the way of the world (the all this is mix)

*** okay, I have a huge soft spot for my story, goofy as it is, and so I really love this remix, because it fleshes it out and makes it not goofy and also, the guys! Handing Chris off! Lance calling Justin an asshole! And what kind of fucking retard are you, which is just so -- so wonderful, ah, fuck. That says love, man, and that is totally how Justin and Chris would say it. Awesome. And that's not a simile, or a metaphor, or any of those things. Just the truth.
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