silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Some nice people are taking a second look at the condo this weekend, and oh, I want the right thing to happen, even if it's them not making an offer, but if it could be them making an offer, that would be perfect. Inshallah, *stump*, and all that. We'll see.

Six days off work now, then two more weeks there, and I like the place, love the people, but I'm also excited to move on. Someone asked me, isn't it sad? I said yes, but then sad's never been a deal-breaker for me. Kind of like how discomfort seems to have turned into something to move toward in my life, rather than to avoid. I don't mean pain, I ain't like that, but the thought of something being hard or lonely or embarrassing, the thought of failing: eh, I always have to fuck up to get somewhere, it seems, and I guess -- I guess I'm always trying to get somewhere. Is that pathological? I don't even know anymore. And... okay with that. Huh.

The remix authors will soon be revealed! Can't wait -- I want to review after the reveal, and also I can't wait to talk about the story I wrote, because that way I get to talk about the story I remixed, which is awesome. Writing mine made me appreciate the original so much more, and that's one of the reasons I do remix. I've mostly -- mostly -- passed that point in my life where a couple of IQ pts and a degree in English have me convinced that I just get it, no matter what, and a challenge that forces me to really think about what's happening in a story is golden. Also, I love seeing other authors' takes on the stories, and thinking to myself: self? Now I want to remix the remix, and see if I could come up with a stand-alone that still somehow references both stories. ...self? Yeah?

Wait -- maybe I do like pain.

But for now: Jammin' July, and also SGA season 1, because John was pretty darn chatty in those days.
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