silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi, livejournal. I shall perhaps be a little late with my Jammin' July piece for today, because for some reason I got to looking at Quarter Horse pages yesterday and spent like 9 hours reading about the legendary Joe Hancock and all his progeny, especially the blue roans, which I love. Also I was looking at info on the genetics of horse coloration and arguments for why the double dominant roan gene might not be lethal after all, very interesting anecdotal arguments there, and then after that I got stuck looking at pictures of hedgehogs swimming in bathtubs and -- well, you know. You know how it is. Dammned internets.

Just wanted to thank bossymarmalade for another fabulous Remix, and ha! Ha, I knew it! I knew you wrote the 3manbus story, just ask Donna, and omg, I just love it so. :)

Reviews of the Remixes coming up, after Jammin' July and -- oh, for the love of HEAVEN. Speculative fiction tv tropes. I'm doomed.
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