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another concrete dream

Friday Five:

1) What is your favorite science fiction film?

Aliens, but not the director's cut. Also love Pitch Black.

2) What is your favorite, if you have one, chick flick?

Like... I go in for explosions and spaceships, generally. You know, vampires and and serial killers and shit. Not even sure I know what a chick-flick is. On the Line?

3) What is your favorite buddy film?

Heh. Does Seven count?

4) What is your favorite B movie -- you know it isn't good, but you adore it anyway?

Twister. Or maybe The Saint.

5) What is your favorite lame film? For this purpose lame is defined as: a film that would have been good except for one nagging thing, i.e. it was well acted and written but it was a cliched plot or it was a good film, but it came out at the wrong time for it so it didn't work.

Dude! Point Break. Love the film, but Keanu just reeks.

I add one, for fun: My favorite horror film is Event Horizon. Or maybe Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. Or the original Haunting of Hill House. The Ring! Blair Witch! Sixth Sense! Hee. I LOVE horror films.

The icon frenzy continues apace. I always was slow to catch on. This one's from northernveil.
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