silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Heya. Settling in to a new place, new job. UCSF is fine, much like a hospital! Doable, great people, ugh nursing, I think I will like it, why must I work?? So, mixed. As per usual. Been walking the city quite a bit; Golden Gate Park is so cool! Yesterday I trucked down to see the buffalo, like 30 blocks each way, ow legs OW, and Thursday maybe I'll hit the beach, or the GG bridge, which I see everyday walking down the hill from my place. When it's not foggy.

As for Munch:

Yes, that is his litter box. Comfy! Tomorrow he goes in for a checkup with the surgeon. I think he's doing well, if by that you mean "bored in his hut and wanting to be just like all the other kids, aww COME ON, I wanna go outside & plaaay." Only ten more weeks. Gah. Malcolm offers his opinion on the matter by reaching through the netting to overturn his water bowl: ha HA. Showed you. I don't know. It is cat logic.

The apartment folks have been relentlessly apologetic, yet the upper mgmt folks have not yet approved a reimbursement. Am anticipating irritation in my not-so-distant future. Like, just give me three months free rent! Why so difficult?

So, I dropped out of the JuC Swap because of everything, Munch, etc., plus fail, and in a surprising and really awesome turn of events llamabitchyo dedicated her story to me anyhow. It's a great story! Do Not Arouse or Awaken Love (Until it So Desires), a subtle look at Justin becoming aware of his feelings for Britney post breakup and, in the process, his feelings for JC as well. Gives great snark, and also, Chris! Oh, 3manbus of my heart... this is a seriously nice JC, too, very much himself and self-aware, odd, sexy, loving. I think she has the relationships down, and I admit to a great wash of JuC love reading this. Thank you!

And now I shall go get ready for work. Nights again, yes indeedy. I've been on an eljay hiatus lately (times like about a month now); anything fun I should know?

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