silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Morning. Videos para ti:

First, we have a little mashup action, because this is
1. the best mashup in the history of ever, and
2. freakin' hilarious.

Prodigy vs. Enya, y'all. C'mon, just the thought is funny.

Next up in our Prix Fixe is... Gackt. Of course!

This is one of his songs, plus a bunch of random footage, like a tasty little starter, just to say hi. Hi, Gackt!

(In English, it's pronounced like a hairball comin' up the pipe. In Japanese, Gack-toe. This is the source of much wank in Jrock circles, as you might imagine.)

Annnnd... our main course. You can't have a new fandom without an otp, I always say.

Meet Hyde. Or, as the media seems to prefer (?), HYDE. It's pronounced "Hie-doe". HYDE is the singer of another Jrock band, L'arc~en~ciel. Gackt and HYDE made a movie together in 2003, Moonchild, which had, um, the future and superpowers and, like, ninjas (I think) and fashion and the kind of doomed, intense relationship between two men that can only be mediated by an unknown actress (cf. Lance/Joey/Emmanuelle Chriqui). Gackt and HYDE had many, many photoshoots together and wrote music for the movie and appeared to be the closest of friends. Gackt has said that, alas, he is straight, but if he weren't, just sayin', he would totally be in love with HYDE. Awww.

(Features another song by Gackt. Did I mention his current band is named GacktJOB? Well, it is.)


And finally, my favorite course, dessert. Or as I initially typed, "desert," which I believe is ironic commentary on the fact that it hasn't stopped raining here in weeks. As that has nothing really to do with Gackt and HYDE, however, let's move on.

Gackt and HYDE meeting again after too long (listen with the sound on):

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