silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Happy JuC Day, y'all! I was gonna try to have this one story done in time, but - yeah.

Anyway, Sunnyvale is awesome, even though at times there's a funny smell in the air (I call it Sunnydale, but no one gets the ref, so sad) and I'm surrounded by big companies with guard houses in the parking lot called things like "Applied Materials'" which, could you possibly be more ominous and vague?? But I love my apt and my drive to work has been cut in half, also I'm back on nights and am loving that, because I'm way too old and tore down to put up with the daytime craziness, which is to say, management and politics and phone calls and doctors and, just, ugh.

But for now, I must hop in the shower, so that I may venture off to eat lunch with frausorge, Afghani food. I'm thinking the pumpkin, yes?

Oh! Oh! And I almost forgot, going to Disney World with withdiamonds soon! Omg omg, can't wait! It's been forever since we saw each other. Omg, literally.

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