silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hi, Person Who is Writing a Remix of One of My Stories! Hi!

I'm updating my website tonight just for you, because I realize I haven't done that in like a year. Two years. I haven't written a ton in that time, but there are about 5 or so stories to go up, so I'll do that tonight. Sorry it took me so long; had to fix the partitions on my external hard drive to access my site template, etc., (*nailbite*) but turns out it's all good and I'll upload them all and you'll have more to choose from, and yay. Yay, right?

If you are someone who doesn't read here - and who does, since do I ever update? No, I do not - but anyway, could someone pass the word on? Thanks, thank you, someone -

Anyway, I'm ridiculously thrilled to be writing remix again, and thrilled you are remixing my story. I hope you have fun with it or at least get something out of the writing. You know, go wild, do what you want: there's no way you ever offend me by thinking a lot about one of my stories and then writing your own version - are you kidding? I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Now, on to the uploading. Be tough not to get distracted by all the wips I just found on this old hard drive. Chris and Joey, betting on who would win in a fight between JC and Justin! I gotta finish that! JC and Chris, fucking in a hammock! Ha ha, ouch. And music! All my old files from when I ripped the 3000 cds to move away from New Mexico! And pictures - criminey, if the repartition hadn't worked... D:

Today I went here, to see Babbage's Difference Engine Number 2 in action. It's the most beautiful machine I've ever seen. Watch the little vid on that page to see what I mean... while I was wandering around the museum, which is filled with awesome old computers with like vacuum tubes and punch cards and things, some dude wandered up to me and said, "Um, are you terribly technical at all?" I told him no, not at all. So then he looked at me, and at the freaking huge Eniac or something that I was looking at, and pointed to a picture of a room full of components and said in a slow, careful voice, "All of this is one single computer."

To my credit, I did not answer the way I wanted to. Soon he wandered away, and I got lost again in fond memories of my first computer, an IBM PC with an Intel 8088, running DOS, and how I used to spend my evenings calling up random BBS's and half the time sending modem tones into some poor schmuck's ear. Ha ha, loved that. I'm no hacker, god knows, but man, I worship me some computers.

Do you remember your first?
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