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Hiya, lj. I totally forgot I had signed up to be cancelled from work tonight, so as I was pulling out of my garage, grumbling (as you do), I got the call. Whee! So I immediately squeeled on outa here and headed for the Salvation Army store on El Camino, and got like 3 shirts and 7 books and some sheets for my bed and a crocheted poncho, all for 8 bucks. It was half-off day today, you see.

(Cutest little girl there, name was Amicham, which I know because her mother said it approx. 4,000 times. Amicham went up to every single person in the store and said Heellloooooooo, just like Seinfeld, and I laughed every time. Amicham had DORA THE EXPLORER shoes, except she called them Doya, and Amicham was a year and a half old, except she told everyone she was 5, and omg - so cute. Made me miss my niece, who I remember being a year and a half old as if it were just yesterday, but who just bought her first bra. What!!)

Totally made up for the most boring mall in the world, aka Stanford Shopping Center, which I went to last week for the hell of it. Now, I'm not opposed to spending money (<.<), but when Banana Republic is the red-headed stepstore stuck all the way in the back, well. Five hundred smackers for a pair of shoes should be a special, giddy-making occasion, y'all, not a typical afternoon out. Freaking Palo Alto. There are stables here. For the students who bring their horses to college.

Thank goodness I'm not the envious type.

All signed up for massage school, which starts in October - the latest move in my continuing quest for a job that doesn't stress me out. Stanford Hospital is awesome, the pay is fantastic, the unit and the people, I love 'em quite a bit. I fit in very well. But, you know, nursing, and 13 hr days, non-stop, so I'm heading up to Berkeley 3 days a week come fall to become an Esalen certified massage person, which is to say, massage with all kinds of energy work & mindfulness & right living & such added in. There are also classes in bodywork for terminal illness and for trauma and for old people, and also I get some kind of discount on workshops at the Esalen Retreat in Big Sur, which seems like a way cool place, and all in all this way I'll be playing to my strengths as a comforter and also finding a way to transition away from bedside nursing. I'm excited about it!


Here's a couple of fun links for ya, by way of saying Happy May!

Down with This Sort of Thing, I tell you. *snif*

People are Awesome. Also, dogs. Sheep... are really, really patient.
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