silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Annie Lennx/DJ Earworm, Backwards/Forwards

Absolutely the most amazing Mashup I've ever heard/seen. Gorgeous.

Remix in the can, just about as late as usual; a tradition! I did something a little different this time, and also enjoyed the writing, which was really nice. Thank you, Maggie. You're a gem.

Back to day shift, by the way. Less $$ < The Sun *choir*

Oh! And a new phone #: 408-368-8526. It was tough, since I've had a New Mexico exchange for like 10 yrs. But omg - I fuckin' love this iPhone. Soul, pissh. Overrated.

Comparison of places I've lived, A guide to fine living:

Wisconsin - Culver's
Florida - Chik-fil-A, Pollo Tropical
California - In-N-Out Burger
New Mexico - ...tamales out of the back of someone's truck, made by gramma. Mmm. And Guadalajara Grill

Didn't end up jetting off to NM. I decided to save money instead. PISSH. Maybe next year!
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