silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yay, I got my Beatlefest tickets today! 33rd year of the Fest, which is just so awesome, and my... fourth? Idk, maybe my fourth time out there with Donna and Ash and Erin, and my boss just told me about a Beatles cover band going to be playing in Menlo Park the day before I head out, so there's a great start to the festivities! I.can.not.wait.

Speaking of boss, I may have volunteered myself to do a study on whether & how a discharge planner might help streamline stuff on our unit... like, researching the lit & surveying how other transplant units handle things & how many $$ would be saved despite the $100,000 in salary to bring a dedicated RN specialist on for that... adkfalkdljl I swore I'd never get involved in this kind of nonsensery again, but then I got bored, or something. At least I managed to sidestep the offer to head up our unit council, because I am not entirely stupid. Just a little impulsive, I guess.

Also, Remix is up, I just finally realized, so I'm happily reading through. When are the authors announced? Dude -- mine is totally easy to guess. How embarrassing. Anyone wanna give it a go? *eyebrows*

OH. Ha. I may have been doing a bit of googling the other day -- "jc chasez fierce hat," yeah, no, I don't know -- and came across this, which is no doubt old school to all of you lj whippersnappers, but filled me with GLEE.

In which Ohnotheydidnt falls under the Spell of the Chasez and some of them actually say OH JC

Don't Hate, Thank You.
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