silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

"Chris Kirkpatrick confirmed you as a friend on Facebook."

*hides face*

I've wrangled this awesome situation at work. I'll continue to work at Stanford in a relief capacity, which is to say in two month increments three times a year, and I'll keep my benefits and seniority and all that jazz... but my home base will be Wisconsin. So every so often I'll wend my way out thisaway, work a little bit and see all my friends - maybe escape some winter? - and then head back and hang out with my beloved family, whom I miss omg so much. \o/

The sad thing is that 6 mo of work at Stanford is roughly equivalent to a year's salary for a WI nurse. Well. Not sad for me. I may not have to work for 6 months of the year.

Later today I'm picking up my new RV, in which I & the kitties will aim for WI soon to get settled in there before the snows come. Watch this space for approx. 834928498 pictures, no doubt.
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