silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

oh, she writes my favorite iterations of Eames. and... wow, I had to look up how to format a link?? that ain't right.

in other news, I'm getting versed enough in BBC Sherlock writing to recognize my pet peeve iterations there: please, he's not autistic. nor is he Spock, a robot, or PeeWee Fucking Herman. do better.

he's, hmm, I think... a strongly feeling person who cares very deeply what others think of him. it's partly what drives him to be the best. he's also a good old fashioned classicist who appreciates a well-turned murder as a work of art in the modernist sense (dr lector conducting the disection of that poor security guard in the cage in the library), which is why he's half... I almost wrote in love with moriarty, but really it's the other way around, I suppose. and, something something heisenberg, schrodinger with the little dot thingies, beautiful chaos, john watson & his ridiculous blog... ugh.

do you know I've watched those 3 episodes like 5 times each in the last week. poor downstairs neighbors. I can't decide if benedict cumberbatch is beautiful or ugly, which makes him fascinating. I can't take my eyes off him. but really it's martin freeman who's the rock of the series. an amazing actor. I can't wait for the fall, and the new series, and also the hobbit.

...all this brought on by stupid jc chasez and his stupid bad singing with matt morrison and his stupid tight pants.

also, I need to start working again, clearly
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