silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

an open letter to my SeSa

Hi there! *waves spastically*

You're writing me a story. That is so cool! Let me just say, I am the easiest person in the world, (heh. shut up) and whatever you come up with will make me giggle delightedly like JC on the good stuff. And... if you don't want to write what I specified? Hell. Then don't. It's cool. :)

And to my SeSa recipient. I hope you don't mind some porn. You didn't say. But I got this smokin' idea today, which is kinda exciting to contemplate writing.... heeheeheeheehee. Yes.

Thanks for this opportunity to challenge myself with a new pairing. Quite possibly I was in a rut.

heh. she said "rut"

Hope you weren't expecting mature, though. That might be beyond my powers.

Okay, off to finish the current steamy porn before diving into the Christmas spirit thing. But I would also like to add: JC! Touring! There is a god.
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