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A cloudy day

So very seldomly do we have a day where the sun's not tring to fry us where we stand. It's really nice. It does make me miss fog, though... trees holding light, and the little patches of dense mist winding through the parkway trees in spring. I also miss the foghorns on Lake Michigan, and the way the ships on the lake always call back to them.

It would appear the hummingbirds finally found the feeder I've had hanging outside my window for two months. And it would also appear that they are unbothered by the layer of ant bodies swirling through the sugar water. Just as well. Not like I'm gonna climb up there to scoop out ant bodies. Ew.

Oh, yes! Almost forgot why I started this entry in the first place: a description of My Secret Shame. Well, not so secret, since I pretty much couldn't shut up if you paid me. But here's how I got into liking *nsync, who I'd have to hire a 12 year old to go with me to ever see live, because: shame.

I was reading tons of x-files fanfic for awhile there. MSR Forever! Or, forever until it got kinda whatever. Kinda old hat. Then, I remembered this writer everyone was always talking about, and in my boredom decided to check out her stuff again, even though as I recalled, she wrote slash. Bleh. So but anyway, I gave torch another try and BOOM!! Fucking amazing, man! Yes, it's true. It's torch's fault that I'm so into the boy fucking, now. Sigh. MK, forever!

[Hee. Boy fucking. Sorry, lurking family. And welcome, once again, to silver.]

[I'm getting there, I'm getting there! Jeez, keep your shirt on.]

So yeah, MK forever until, goddammit, CC went off his antipsych drugs and turned x-files from the show it was into grinding hogwash. Man, I couldn't even bear to watch the old eps for a long time, much less read any fanfic. Plus, writers in the fandom were kind of winding down, right about then... So sad. Never even read the last part of Logan's Second Grace. I just... no.

Once again, I turned to torch. Because, man, she writes like a fucking dream, and in fandoms you can't even imagine. I mean, Bertie Wooster & Jeeves slash? Crikey! And she had these stories, clearly retarded of course, about pop bands. For fuck's sake! But... torch. Fucking dream. Yes.

My first popslash story was The Legendary Grapefruit Gurus of Southern California. To this day, I love that story. I didn't know who on earth these guys were, but this story? Convinced me to find out. I mean, I knew *nsync, kind of vaguely. They had that one song, that "Bye Bye Bye" song, that didn't really suck at all, right? And I knew this one gangster guy, all tattoos and hard partying and getting into fights with pool cues & such, who squealed like a little girl when he got tickets to the show and told me to shut the fuck up when I made fun of him, because "You don't fuckin' know, do you?"

He was right.

Thanks, torch. Dammit.
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