silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

shoot me up in the mainline with a hypo full of love


Somehow I got it into my head that I want to quit my job, just lay around all day like a bum, write some porn and eat french fries. Yeah.

The fact that this pretty accurately describes my life four days out of seven doesn't enter into it at all. And the fact that I just don't feel like working today? Beside the point.

In other news, my Sold Souls story is shite. But I will prevail. The SeSa? Rocks. The birthday porn? Yowsa!! I'm verrrrry happy about that one.

I got a flu shot Sunday, after discovering a patient I was taking care of was influenza positive. The shot won't kick in for two weeks, so really it's too late, and now I'm feeling kind of removed, like altered, like fuzzy... oh, well. It's not like she licked me or anything. And it IS the buttcrack of dawn, a naturally fuzzy time.

All is well! REMAIN CALM.

I'm kind of enjoying this lightheaded thing

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