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Well, duh.

Some kerfuffle at work. They've scheduled me to be the charge nurse for two shifts in the next month. Seem rather perplexed by my attitude, which is "no." Keep telling me, but we need you to do this. Then they get hurt all over again when I say "I am hearing you, yes... but NO." I think they're used to the eager little nurse puppies, who whine and submit. Alas, they have hired me: aged, weary, cynical... and not about to add charging on top of my regular duties, especially seeing as:

1. I just frickin' graduated, people! Have a brain! Don't even know how to be a nurse yet.

2. I appear to be going to Kentucky, and doing a few other less important things, and wouldn't even have time to orient to the position. That definitely ain't gonna happen.

Let me 'splain. No, no, it would take too long... let me sum it up. I AM CRABBY.

So difficult having a pathological need to please other people so that they'll like me, when shit like this goes down. It makes me GRUMBLE.


more coffee, NOW. dammit. I have spoken

Yesterday I took care of a man who kept developing fluid in the space between his lung and chest wall, so that his lung kept collapsing. They had a tube stuck in there to drain it, but it kept filling up. So what the doc did was to inject a drug into that space to act as an "acid wash" (his words) to cause the lung tissue to scar up against the chest wall, so there would be no space for fluid to collect anymore.

Yes, it is as painful as it sounds. I knocked him out 'til he was snoring with pain meds and a benzo similar to valium that causes amnesia. Then the doc injected the doxycycline into his chest tube and he sat up straight in the bed and yelped at the top of his lungs. He told me it was like a pounding sheet of fire all up and down his chest. I rubbed his back and gave him more pain meds while he raved for, like, 45 minutes. His wife was looking pretty ragged, but then the meds took effect and he started telling me about his son the helicopter pilot in Iraq. After a while he fell asleep. When he woke up he said "have I slept long?" and introduced himself. He didn't remember a thing about it, at all.

Okay then. Off to SeSa.
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