silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Taking a brief SeSa break to say:

Oddly, all the labs I had drawn last week show that I'm actually *healthier* than I was a year ago: not anemic, less of the bad cholesterol (which was "to die for" last year according to my practitioner, heh) and more of the good. This is highly ironic. I eat like crap. My main diet last year, when I remembered to eat? Hamburger and french fries. And chocolate. So, yeah. *shakes head* Watch, next year I'll be eating a stick of lard dipped in powdered sugar every day and I'll probably be better off still. I don't remember selling my soul to the devil.

I made my sister laugh today! Not that that's hard. But we were discussing her love for crafts on the phone, and she confessed that she's glad she has a six year-old, because it's less embarrassing doing stuff like decoupage and having her friends know. So I told her that I would never judge. Um, what with my hobby of writing gay porn and all. Ha! She snorted. Always a beautiful thing.

Anybody got a link to those huge pictures of JC from a few days ago? I'd go there and look myself, but I gotta run get a quarterpounder with cheese right now. Bwah!
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