silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Boredom: the curse of my existence.


Question for the medical folks among ya:

(okay, not really medical)

When counting up my time served at the hospital, do I figure from when I was hired, or from when I got out of nursing orientation? I mean, for my year's experience.

I ask only because it is 18 degrees out there in Albuquerque today. Average temp. in Florida? 72. So, yeah. Plus, I forgot that I have relatives who live in Sarasota/Clearwater. Uncle Bill and Aunt Dona! Uncle Terry and Aunt Vicki! And my dad in Tallahassee! Man, oh man. I would leave *tomorrow.*

Would it be worth taking a crappy med/surg job, at 16 bucks an hour? 'Cause they'd take me with less than a year. Hmmm.


Okay, off to World Market. Clearly, the best way to cheer myself up is to shop. I desperately need some gaudy bamboo thing shaped like a monkey.

SeSa readers:

Surely you've read Pliable, right? For Kaneko?

You haven't? Damn. Get over there! Hot, so hot, so beautiful: "Shh, you can’t move," JC says when Justin tenses too much for a few moments, his eyes too wide. "Just take it. You can’t do anything else. I’ve got you."

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